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Township Clerk

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Hannah Saez, Clerk

Cheryl Kondziolka, Deputy Clerk

Duties of the Clerk

Maintains custody of all Township records
Maintains general ledger
Prepares warrants for Township checks
Records and maintains Township meeting minutes
Keeps the Township book of oaths
Responsible for special meeting notices
Publishes board meeting minutes
Keeps voter registration file and conducts elections
Keeps Township ordinances book
Prepares financial statements
Delivers tax certificates to Supervisor and County Clerk by September 30
Shall appoint a deputy
Shall post a surety bond
Creates and processes all Payroll and Accounts Payable checks
Sets all Board Meeting dates
Appoints Election Inspectors for all Elections
Acting FOIA Coordinator
Holds Preliminary and Public Accuracy Tests for Elections
Processes Payroll, State, Local, and Federal Taxes
Processes Quarterly Reports
Attends all Special Meetings and publishes the minutes


14212 Northland Drive
Big Rapids, MI 49307

Call or Fax

Fax: (231) 796-2533