Big Rapids Township

Big Rapids

Township Clerk

Duties of the Clerk

  • Maintains custody of all Township records
  • Maintains general ledger
  • Prepares warrants for Township checks
  • Records and maintains Township meeting minutes
  • Keeps the Township book of oaths
  • Responsible for special meeting notices
  • Publishes board meeting minutes
  • Keeps voter registration file and conducts elections
  • Keeps Township ordinances book
  • Prepares financial statements
  • Delivers tax certificates to Supervisor and County
  • Clerk by September 30
  • Shall appoint a deputy
  • Shall post a surety bond
  • Creates and processes all Payroll and Accounts
  • Payable checks
  • Sets all Board Meeting dates
  • Appoints Election Inspectors for all Elections
  • Acting FOIA Coordinator
  • Holds Preliminary and Public Accuracy Tests for
  • Elections
  • Processes Payroll, State, Local, and Federal Taxes
  • Processes Quarterly Reports
  • Attends all Special Meetings and publishes the minutes

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A photo portrait of Hannah Saez, Big Rapids Township Clerk

Clerk, Hannah Saez

Deputy Clerk, Cheryl Kondziolka